How to manage stress with this complicated back to school

How to manage stress with this complicated back to school

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The resumption of this September was more than uncertain. Until the last moment we were not sure that the "normal" recovery would take place. Back to the office? Home-office? School at school or at remotely? Restricted movements .... there is no country or institution that has escaped it.


Thousands of questions invaded us then

- Is it reasonable to have a social life and mix again ?

- Does the mask really protect effectively?

- What are the real risks? For us, our children, our parents?

- Are we going to suffer a new confinement?


Anxiety and stress have resurfaced stronger than ever. Not so much by the fear of the virus itself but above all by the lack of visibility, the lack of control! Going through troubled waters is not really the strong point of the humans that we are;

But we can't live this way any longer, it's been going on for months, and we can't continue this way for our mental and physical health.

It's time to take a step back, keep a cool head as they say, and learn to live with it.

Yes it is risky to go out, mix, take transport etc ... But since April we have still made some progress. The mask is a protection, certainly not total but a barrier all at least. Speaking of barriers, barrier gestures are now part of our life. Washing your hands at least ten times a day has become a habit.


We can't stop living, and the moment we realize that, then everything starts to be less dramatic. We agree to make efforts for the good of those around us, and of our community, because yes, it is a collective effort.


Going out, meeting people, working, going to school, sharing time with friends and family are all things that are part of life.

We must remain vigilant otherwise we risk losing this link. It would then be locking us into a stifling, very distressing sphere. We are made to live together, in community, even limited to the minimum but surrounded all the same. Lack of affection and social life kills.

So start by seriously reducing the news channels. Watching the same subjects over and over is anything but reassuring and calming.


Clear your mind. Favor walks in the forest, the greenery, the trees and the calm of nature will do you a lot of good.

Take your courage in both hands and head back to the gym. Keeping physical activity is essential for your health, it strengthens your immunity, protects you from disease, makes you stronger, more resistant.

Trust the professionals. They don't want to close the doors of their clubs, so they have every interest in respecting and enforcing sanitary rules. They will do whatever is necessary to keep your security at the right level. If the gyms make you anxious try out swimming pools, or just running, a brisk walk in the fresh air. But stay active.


Learn to let go, you can't control everything, let yourself be guided by a few relaxation therapy or meditation sessions.

Set up some evening rituals, a yoga session, a good chamomile tea and to finish a good book. You will find that you will not need any medicine to fall asleep. Your mind will be at peace and your nights will be restful.

Start your day with a smile and let yourself be carried away by the wave of well-being!


Please do not hesitate to give me your feedback, your experience. It is by sharing our experiences that we grow.


See you soon

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