Restless sleep what are the reasons?

Restless sleep what are the reasons?

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Restless sleep what are the reasons?


Every morning, despite your 8 hours of sleep, you don't feel rested, refreshed, in good shape. Your mood is gloomy, you are tired, irritated, anything annoys you.

And you wonder what are the reasons, because you allow yourself a night of 7 to 8 hours of sleep which should be quite sufficient for an adult; but yet it is not enough.

Why ?

Telling yourself that it is during the night, so during sleep that your body repairs, rests, and renews itself, you will tell me that it is anything but a secret to you.

So what are the reasons why you don't wake up feeling great?

Why this feeling of irritation?

Where does this frenzy for snacking and especially sugar all of a sudden come from?

The answer is this: you don't have restful sleep


It’s not enough to get 8 hours of sleep to feel good and in good shape. It's not so much the quantity that matters, but the quality of your sleep.

In general, each adult needs between 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day to be able to rest their body, recover ...

How Much Sleep Do You Need (The Answer May Surprise You)


But this is a generality and you are not a generality. So you will have to do a little assessment to know the reasons for your restless nights.

Are you a big or a little sleeper?

Have you changed your habits lately?

Are you participating in sport activities? In the evening ?

Are there any topics that bother you? That clutter your mind?

Are you of a nervous nature?

Do you eat heavy meals at night?

Do you use screens a lot after 8 p.m.?

These questions are the most basic for a balance sheet, let's say a little simplistic. But answering them will help you understand the reasons for your sleep problems and especially give you some ways to improve it.

To help you in your quest for a improved quality of sleep, here are some habits to adopt to find pleasant and restful nights.

If you are a little sleeper, and 6 hours of sleep is enough for you then do not inflict more on yourself. This will make you more tired than anything else. Give yourself a mini nap during the day, a good quarter of an hour is more than enough and you will feel the effects immediately.


If you have made some changes in your habits and they are bothering you, they are not suitable for you.

For example, if you practice a sport during the day, favor more intense activities, your body has a good part of the day to regain its calm.

But if you do it in the evening you may be too excited, tired even after the session;

So instead of going off, your body wakes up again and is in great shape. To have a soothing sleep opt for calm activities, such as yoga, pilates, swimming, but swim to relax. Don't put a heavy beat on it.

If momentarily you have a few worries cluttering your mind, that's okay. It's normal, it happens, don't fixate. But you can help yourself with herbal teas such as chamomile, verbena have soothing virtues.

If you are earlier by nature nervous, try a few relaxation therapy and meditation sessions. Take about 20 minutes to clear your mind and calm down.

If you are a fan of very heavy dinner, I invite you to put an end to it. Your stomach spends a good part of the night digesting, the less clutter you put, the better you will sleep. Prefer lighter meals, soups, vegetables, white meat, fish.

And lastly the screens! It’s the worst thing for your mind at night. You feed your mind instead of appeasing it. Turn them off and prefer a good book instead.

Challenge yourself and do half of these steps.  You will definitely find a much better quality of sleep.

Take care !

Written by  NJ

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