Set goals so that every day is different  during confinement

Set goals so that every day is different during confinement


We are entering our third week of confinement, and it is difficult to keep up a pace without letting go of a routine that is not very dynamic.

It’s very hard for morale, but not only. Physically we feel the lack of energy that wins us.

The positive side let's say it like that is that you are not alone, you share the daily life of half the planet .. yes barely 3 billion people

In order to keep a rhythm and to know that Monday is not Tuesday, you have to make a schedule.

If you have children certainly nervously it is harder but on the other hand you are busy with homework, games, outings for the lucky ones in the garden and on the balcony for the others. Yes it is not terrible but not the choice.

Setting goals helps you stay the course over time. The feeling of having accomplished what you wanted is very important for morale. Because yes, it’s a lot about morale.

Establish moments for everything:

- Homework

- Meal

- TV, reading, games

- Rest

- Physical activity.

- Sleep

Yoga is an activity, and it will be as beneficial for you as it is for your little ones, and if you do not know it is time to test

Most of the platforms have provided free lessons, games, sports programs ... take advantage!

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