Today is the day before or the day after?

Today is the day before or the day after?

If the isolation was not positive or pleasant for many, it led to new discoveries or rediscovery

If this period was not easy for everyone for many reasons, it allowed us to take stock of many subjects concerning us. Both personal and professional.

Until now, nobody had enough time to address their real needs, their desires.

 Until now our 24-hour days have not been sufficient to complete our obligations, both professional and personal.

 Until now we haven't had time to think about what we really wanted. We were in constant action, no time to reflect on our "Souls"

If you are upset by something external, the suffering is not due to this thing but to the estimate that you make of it; and you have the power to change it at any time. Marc Aurèle

And then that day arrived.

More eagerness, more calendars. Even though most of us kept working, the pace was more than manageable.

So we have had time, to read, to finish the Netflix series, (admit you are up to date now) and reflect on deep topics.

And we promised each other that the next day will be different!

Today we are there

 How do you do? Like the day before or the day after?

Team The Life

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