Why it is important to strengthen your muscles

Why it is important to strengthen your muscles

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Contrary to popular belief, bodybuilding is not just for bodybuilders and other die-hard casters.


Most people, especially women, believe that lifting weights will make their bodies unattractive or unattractive with large arms, large legs and muscles protruding from all sides.


Let's put into perspective the perception of bodybuilding and reality. The amount of effort required to obtain model bodies from bodybuilding or fitness covers goes far beyond being in the gym 2-3 times a week. It is a daily effort of training and nutritional monitoring.


So let's stay cool. Strength training is good for everyone, and before looking like Terminator there is a world of effort and investment that is not the topic of the day.


The other element that can work against bodybuilding is the false perception that it makes you gain weight or "get bigger". Here it is a question of not confusing weight and distribution of the masses.


Strength training develops muscles, lean mass, at the expense of fat stocks, fat mass. There is a short period during which the body develops muscles and the volume of fat mass or even water retention decreases only slightly.


This is a phase during which the basal metabolism has not yet risen. Then the fat loss takes place as the muscles develop and the basic metabolism increases.

Be careful however, this phase varies from one person to another and depends on the characteristics of each (age,% of body fat at the start, level of physical activity, level of sport practice, type of nutrition, general state of health, etc.)

Well now that we have tackled the false elements going against the practice of bodybuilding, let's see the plus. They are many but we will focus on a small list of its benefits


We burn calories.


Aside from the brain, muscles are the first factory to burn calories. During exercise but also at rest. This is the best way to optimize your calorie expenditure at any time. Building muscle or at least working out increases the size of the calory factory .


Reduces risk of injury


Muscles are the key to the ability to build strength and balance tension in the body. Strength training works muscles, but also tendons, ligaments and joints. The complete chain is mobilized, requested and activated. The intensity brought by bodybuilding allows it to strengthen, to be better prepared for the effort and ultimately to better resist to any small glitches related to sports.


Increase balance, stability and flexibility


Strength training allows you to work the whole body in a balanced way if well practiced. It helps to strengthen balance and stability, especially with complete exercises which not only work on strength, but also these two aspects. A good example is the squat which requires strength throughout the body but also causes a lot of work on the stabilizing muscles in order to keep the bar in balance throughout the movement.


Useful for all sports activities


In your opinion, why have all athletes without exception today included bodybuilding in their training programs? Higher, faster, stronger, regardless of age, gender and level of practice and discipline, from golf to volleyball to tennis. Strength training strengthens the body and prepares it for physical activity.   


Better resistance to stress 


The muscles are also an important mobilizer of hormones (Adrenaline, Endorphin, Testosterone, etc.) which are either involved in building muscle or optimizing effort. Some of these hormones like endorphins help improve the body's resistance to stress. Strength training is one of the most stressful activities for muscles and their development. The more muscles are developed, the more hormones the body produces. 


You are well informed, now it's your turn to play. Remember that we can help you.

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