Happy New Year 2021! I send you my best wishes, and above all good health!

Happy New Year 2021! I send you my best wishes, and above all good health!

May this New Year be sweet, loving, serene and above all more lenient with us.

In this 1st January article, we normally start on diet topics, excess sweets lack of sports activities and so on.

I will not do it! Because the year we have just passed was anything but normal. We have all accumulated frustrations of all kinds, both physical and emotional food;

What could be more normal than to take refuge from time to time behind a bar of chocolate, it's reassuring, it feels good ...believe me  I know what I'm talking about;

As for physical activity, what can I say ... even if the will was there, well on certain days, in this period of a pandemic, it is difficult to get to  the gyms, and even less to do group yoga even in the open air! Without forgetting the very limited schedule of time runners to respect, distance, perimeter...

as the french say : c’est d’un ennui …

So I think the winning activity was sitting on the sofa in front of Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ ,  yes that was the fun part.

But you know what we don't care! That's okay, because taking care of your mental health is as important as playing sports. So this forced break forced us to take a little more time for ourselves and so much the better.

Don't start this new year with restrictive goals of any kind, I think you've had your fair share of frustration and unfortunately it's not over yet..

And if you start this year by finding your balance. Both on emotional and physical levels. There is no such thing as a normal size, just like a normal life ... We each have our normalcy. Unfortunately even today in the 21st century the dictates of a model of life are well entrenched.

But no one is forcing you to follow them. If there is one thing this difficult time has allowed us to do is take the time, get to know each other, listen to each other, trust each other.

So do me a favor, regardless of last year’s record the good news is that a new year has begun; A new chance, a new opportunity, to do differently to do better.

Create your zone of normality, assume it, and above all live it fully !!!

I will meet you with pleasure in the next articles, in the meantime take care of yourself

and above all, do not hesitate to send me your questions, your suggestions .. after all we will find a solution together unity is strength.

Take care

Written by 

Nazira Jasar

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