How to spend the winter smoothly

How to spend the winter smoothly

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At each change of season our body is put to the test. Each season we have to adapt to changes in temperature, climate, light and food.

The transition to winter is the biggest change our body has to go through. With climate change we no longer really have real four seasons. Indeed a few years ago the seasons were more or less well respected. But that is absolutely not the case in recent decades. The transition is now brutal. We go overnight from winter to summer. We go from big sweater to tee shorts in 24 hours.

This transition is brutal especially in winter. The temperature change is colossal; it is quite possible to drop tens of degrees in the space of 24 hours. The light is weaker and weaker, the days are getting shorter, and the sun is getting more and scarcer. Here we are tired for no apparent reason, morale at zero and with an ogre appetite for some of us.

In order to pass this transition we can prepare ourselves in order to pass this course as gently as possible.

Before the first cold snap, strengthen your immunity with natural products.

Strengthening your body with vitamin D, as the sun and light are scarce, is exactly what you need.

Scientific studies have highlighted many benefits for Vitamin D: it strengthens vitality, increases the strength of the immune system, strengthens bones, teeth, hair, nails, skin, it fights depression, chronic fatigue etc ...

Lemon and honey herbal tea

In the morning take a lemon honey herbal tea, the benefits of the combination of water, lemon and honey are undeniable. Lemon contains a high amount of electrolytes, namely potassium, calcium and magnesium, which keep your body well hydrated. Water or honey together with lemon can decrease pain in joints and muscles. In addition, it is excellent for treating the first colds.

Turmeric! The benefits are manifold. Gastrointestinal protector and powerful anti-inflammatory, turmeric reveals many other virtues than its simple food use. It treats digestive disorders, soothes pain due to gastritis and other inflammations of the intestine and plays a protective role for the stomach and liver.

For the taking there are different recipes:

- Golden milk

Golden milk is a precious drink with turmeric, this spice highly esteemed in traditional medicines. Easy to prepare. Golden milk is a drink made from vegetable milk and turmeric.

For the preparation, nothing could be simpler, heat a cup of vegetable milk, half a teaspoon of turmeric, a spoon of honey. This is the basic recipe, you can add a pinch of cinnamon, ginger. Make according to your tastes and your desires.

If you don't drink milk, that's okay, you can mix half a teaspoon of turmeric and a pinch of black pepper in a tablespoon and dilute with vegetable oil.

Let's move on to nutrition

To start eating fruits and vegetables in season, Why?

Because each season responds to a need of the human body. In winter, with the cold and the lack of sun, our body demands more nutrients and vitamins C. All the better, it is the season for vegetables rich in minerals (leeks, cabbage, spinach) and citrus fruits full of vitamin C. (mandarins, grapefruits, clementine’s).

If cooking takes time or just isn't your cup of tea, make soups - it couldn't be easier or more efficient. Prefer them to dinner, they will bring you warmth and comfort, moreover it is strongly recommended to have light meals in the evening. For fruits, eat them raw or in compotes, you will benefit from all their assets!

We tend to eat more fat in winter, it is normal for our body to need more calories to cope with the cold and fatigue. In order to compensate for this contribution, practice a sporting activity. The one of your choice especially because when we want to follow a trend we get bored quite quickly. This is not the goal, on the contrary it is important to make it a regular activity over time!

To finish the lack of brightness

Like air and water, the sun is also a basic element for your body, but also for your mind, since everyone needs both light and warmth.

In this last quarter of the year the sun can be very capricious or even rare.

When the weather permits it, the first rays of sun come out! Lightly uncover your arms and face. Exposure for about 20 minutes a day will allow you to fix vitamin D.

If the latter become rare you can opt for light therapy.

In winter, we should to adapt to the light of day. Start when the sun rises and enter when it sets. But, of course, we can't! This is why we feel more tired, more difficulty getting up in the morning, more the urge to snack or eat more fat ... It is simply the light that we lack! Light therapy, with these adapted lamps, compensates for this lack of light and naturally boosts our body and our mood!

Light therapy positively influences the production of serotonin, also known as the hormone of happiness! Promote more restful sleep. Thanks to better regulation of melatonin - hormone responsible for sleep

As you can imagine, the best time to expose yourself to your light therapy lamp is in the morning, ideally when you wake up. This is the best way to activate the "day mode as a catalyst for the secretion of serotonin and to limit the production of melatonin to go from sleep to awakening full of vitality".

You are ready! It's up to you to play and above all listen to yourself, be attentive to your feelings, your needs, your body is talking to you do not put it in hibernation

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Nazira Jasar

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