Newsletter April  2020

Newsletter April 2020

The news of the moment is of course the Covid 19. This virus has a terrible impact on the entire planet. Overnight our lives changed. Even the slightest gesture becomes potentially dangerous. We are certainly not going to talk about the medical aspect, health professionals do it and that is by no means our role.

We will focus on the subject that interests us, how do we do it now?

The gyms are no longer accessible, face-to-face coaching is prohibited, the sports world is at a standstill, we are all confined.

Of course this crisis, as devastating as it may be, will pass at some point. But it still highlights some gaps that we hadn't noticed before.

We have all focused on our business without ever imagining that at any given moment everything can change and end up lacking the means to continue.


Of course there are solutions that can do the "job" while waiting for the crisis to pass. Social networks do it very well, by the way. But as a pro you know perfectly well that this is not enough.


Maintaining and monitoring activity is not something that can be improvised. It is done over time, every day, taking all the aspects that are necessary to do the physical and mental preparation.


And now it’s more true than ever. Because everything is upsisde down both physically and mentally.


In addition, you risk to distort the message you want to send to your members if you just think of keeping in touch, keeping them in shape, they only see the free aspect of it.


So how do you justify your paid services afterwards?


How many of you have seen your subscriptions canceled? A large majority if not all

If you want to maintain your members and motivate them you will have to offer a quality service even remotely with monitoring, a challenge and results, otherwise you will align yourself on all the free apps


If your current services are the same as these apps then why pay a pro if it is not to have tracking?


And finally if there is one thing that we have to remember, it is that we are going to have to change the way we work, reinvent our way of working and especially use telework, remote monitoring because it is certainly not the last crisis that we are going to meet.


What was superfluous yesterday has become necessary today.

Team The Life

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