Newsletter February 2020

Newsletter February 2020

How to keep your customers motivated after the wave of New Year's resolutions?

As a fitness or nutrition coach, you have undoubtedly seen a certain increase in registrations, the number of your members has skyrocketed.

The demands are classic: weight lost, muscle gain, balanced diet, in short wiping out bad habits and starting a new, healthier step, finding a balance both physically and mentally. After the year-end excesses, your new members arrive more motivated than ever.

Initially, during the first weeks, they don't need to be pushed. But time goes by, fatigue sets in, the workload and family life takes over.


So, they miss a workout, then a week, the nutritional plan is no longer frankly respected. This is where motivation is lacking, studies have been conducted on this subject, and your members are among 78% of those who fail.


What can you do as a nutritional or sports coach to keep them on track?


One of the reasons they give up is because of the goals they set for themselves. Too high, too restrictive or even unachievable.


This is when you have to play the "medium and long term follow-up" card. Losing 10 pounds in one month is either unrealistic or completely harmful; in both cases it is going to be a guaranteed failure.


Follow them, both face-to-face and remotely. Face-to-face coaching allows your clients to see that there is a professional in front of them who is taking care of them. They feel safe.

 Remote coaching allows you to get feedback very regularly. Thanks to online coaching, you can send them programs, plan their workout, modify them according to their feelings if necessary.

Because yes what is important is to adapt to their needs, their schedules so what could be better than allowing them to provide their perception on each workout, to communicate their feelings.

Thanks to each notification you have the opportunity of validating their progress but even more their motivation. Challenge them!

On a race, a WOD, set their goals that will push the limits. They will apply both in your presence and at home. Create a team spirit of Winners!

Rebalance their diet but do not frustrate them. The gaps are necessary to break the routine, without forgetting the very important pleasure box see primordial. As soon as it becomes a constraint you lose them.

Establish habits: eat well, sleep well get enough hydration, manage emotions because they have a very significant impact on well-being in general. If you have any reluctance, make them wear connected devices. For sleep, hydration, calories ... the numbers are going to be revealing and talk to them!



After the start of the year we get back into shape, then we prepare for summer. At the start of the school year we are preparing for the resumption, etc. As you can see, well-being is a daily action and they need you at all times. The key is to find the best way to capture and keep their attention. We can help you with our platform The Life, we have the latest generation tool whose sole purpose is to make your life easier.

Team The Life

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