The exercise of the week

The exercise of the week

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Today we offer three yoga sequences to relax the back but also the mind.

Containment is certainly necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones from Covid 19, but it remains difficult to bear both physically and mentally.

These three sequences will help you to let go, and relax your back and calm your mind.

1 Dog upside down

10 deep breaths

Strengthens the back, leg and thigh muscles. Exercises the hips and pelvis. Opens the shoulders and chest, develops the lungs. Softens hands, arms, shoulders, feet and ankles.  

  2 Dog head up

5 deep breaths

The dog's head-up posture allows you to stretch the abdominals and open the rib cage. With this position, it also strengthens the ligaments of the spine provided you do not dig the lower back too much.  

3 Position of the child

10 deep breaths

The child's posture, Balasana, is a "withdrawal into oneself". It gently stretches the hips, thighs and ankles. This asana is ideal for calming the brain and helping to relieve stress and fatigue.

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