The exercise of the week "The hundred"

The exercise of the week "The hundred"

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The Hundred is a classic pilates exercise. The exercise consists of performing 100 arms beats coordinated with breathing.

Lie on your back, place your lower back on the floor and raise your neck.


Raise your legs and thighs and bend them to the knees with your shins and ankles parallel to the ground and not crossed.


The buttocks are therefore glued to the ground and the thighs are contracted


Raise your head with keeping your chin down, keep your arms outstretched at shoulder height and now perform your movements with your arms up and down. 100 beats are required.


Depending on your level, you will do the exercise feet on the ground for beginners, then the legs bent above the hips and finally the legs stretched for the more experienced.


You can then play on the angle of your legs with the ground (lever effect). Legs perpendicular to the ground, to those stretched a few centimeters from the ground.


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