This summer diet or not ?

This summer diet or not ?

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Like every year before the summer period, both women and men will seek to lose weight in order to be in your best physical shape; because swimsuit test at the beach obliges….


The questions I ask myself:

1 - Should you just wait for the summer period to take care of your body?

2 - Do you absolutely have to lose weight?


I'll start with the first one. Obviously the answer is NO;

No, you don't have to wait a month before summer to start dieting in a completely excessive, draconian or even dangerous way.

To begin with I refuse to talk about diet, it is a barbaric word, which hurts the ears. What is the use of depriving yourself, of torturing your body, your organism and your mind for a limited and ephemeral result ...

When you hear about diets, detoxing, cleaning your body, just those words should stop you before you even embark on this risky or even stupid adventure. Since when does deprivation bring anything positive?

There is no such thing as miracle products, there is no such thing as a detox drink that will make you lose five pounds over time, let alone the capsules ... The only thing you will lose is your money and your motivation.

Beach body is an all year round investment, not just before summer. A balanced diet should allow you to keep both your physique and your mind in peak shape.

A balanced diet means eating everything, but some products are more suitable at some point than others. Of course, sport is important. By practicing it regularly all year round your body will be able to withstand the excesses during the holidays. And yes, if your body is in balance all year round, excess during your vacation will go almost unnoticed.

For the second question, a standard answer does not exist. Yes sorry but we must take into account all the parameters and particularly the psychological parameters. As with most of the common people that we are, we don't see ourselves as we are;

But this subject will be discussed next time

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