It's time to change

It's time to change

We spent almost two months waiting for life to resume as before. Resume our habits, our work, our life quite simply.

But this virus that attacked the planet has spared no one. Some are already thinking about deconfinement but others are still in.

So the question is, are we going to get on with our lives?

Not because the biggest problem today is proximity and social ties, but as human beings that we are, this is what we represent:

Exchange, proximity, living together

It is time to see things differently, instead of focusing on the problems, let us focus on the solutions.

It is very likely that we are no longer living quite as before, but is this really a problem because our before has brought us to what we are living today.

So it's high time to change, to innovate to get out of your comfort zone

Take this “life” warning or incident as a chance to start again for the better.

Team The Life

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