Newsletter May 2020

Newsletter May 2020

We are currently going through a period of uncertainty and fear.

In the field of sport and health, it is even more difficult because sport for certain decision-making leaders is not a priority. But this is not the subject to debate.

For almost two months now, we have been monitoring your progresses and we especially see your fears, your questions, because we are in a blurry area, nothing is frozen and the information changes daily. Yesterday's good decision is today's bad one.

But above all, we have identified an issue which is entirely correct in this respect, but does not make you move forward. You all focus on the blocking point of containment by looking for a solution to restart your activities in the same way as yesterday. However, this is not or no longer possible.

Despite all the information you receive, none of it allows you to pick up where you left off at the start of this pandemic.

To begin with, there is the closing of the sports halls and its practices:

The reopening conditions are very difficult to respect, or even impossible to implement. You are required to halve your subscribers in order to comply with sanitary conditions. However, your charges do not decrease by half. So the question is this: can you really support a recovery in these conditions without bringing changes and innovation in your profession, in your practice?

Sanitary conditions

Scientists and doctors are discovering this virus almost at the same time as we are, the advice and protection solutions are constantly changing. It is not only a question of respecting the rules, above all it is a question of not endangering the life of your members / patients but also yours and that of your loved ones.

Points of attention such as those mentioned above there are a few to cover in your thinking, problems there are and lots!

We must stop focusing on the problems but think about the solutions, and they exist.

It may be time to change, to evolve your approaches, to forge partnerships, to offer new services. New technologies and platforms are there to help you change course and gain new momentum. Don't think of us as a drag or a competitor, we don't work without you, and the reverse is true for you today. In this new context that imposes itself on us, you will not do it alone and we represent a major asset to support you in this transformation.

- Save your members

- Guarantee their security (for remote monitoring no need for barrier gestures)

- Connected objects will help you personalize your tracking and meet their needs

- You keep in touch with your members at all times

Don't get me wrong, we consider face-to-face coaching as essential for your members, however distance monitoring has become essential to stay the course for you as well as for them.

Team The Life

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